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Since 1994, Homestar has been the exclusive distributor of Tontarelli products in Cyprus. Homestar makes Tontarelli products available to a wide variety of retailers throughout Cyprus, from the largest superstores to the smallest supermarkets. Tontarelli products are internationally famous for their quality, unique and distinctive design, and Italian class. Today Tontarelli is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of plastic products in Europe. Due to its widespread expansion, and dramatically increased productivity, Tontarelli Group has extended its presence across Europe:
picture   In 1997 a new production and commercial unit, TS UK Ltd Tontarelli, was opened in Middleton near Manchester in Great Britain. In 1998 a joint venture was undertaken with a Czech partner. With it is formed the company Tontarelli Eastern Europe s.r.o. that distributes the Tontarelli branded items through the Eastern European countries. Tontarelli France s.a. was established the same year, headquartered in Longlaville, in Lorraine, in a strategic position in the centre of Europe to distribute not merely in France but also in the markets of Central and Northern Europe.
Tontarelli Espana S.L. was set up in 2000, headquartered in Barcelona - a very important position for the organised distribution throughout Western Europe. The year 2002 sees the opening of a new office, Tontarelli Deutschland Gmbh, situated in Mannheim, in South-West Germany, designed to provide a more widespread service throughout the country. In 2004, in the Czech Republic, T.E.E. is joined by Tontarelli Czech Republic s.r.o., to boost business on the Eastern European market. In 2006 there is a new site in Luxembourg: Tontarelli Lux S.A., which is for the group an additional support to the increased production capacity and to further improve the service to the rising number of customers in Central Europe.

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